Old Fashioned Bread Pudding – vegan & wholefood

Hailing back to the 11thC and still a stalwart of British bakeries, this old fashioned bread pudding is an excellent way to use up stale bread that would otherwise go to waste. Traditionally bread pudding contains animal ingredients such as eggs, milk or cream and butter or lard – I’ve removed the added fat, substituted […]

Vegan Monggo Guisado (Filipino Mung Bean and Spinach Stew)

  There’s no way around it, it’s not the prettiest dish to be sure! But when I recently tried this Filipino soup as a means to use up a bag of mung beans in my larder, I was really taken with the satisfying flavours. Spinach and mung beans together are delicious, light and filling and […]

Simple Savoury Breakfast Quinoa – vegan

I’m not a big fan of sweet things at breakfast time so I often prefer my breakfasts to be savoury, however what I don’t prefer is the hassle that usually comes from cooking them first thing in the morning. In my ongoing search for fast simple and savoury breakfasts, I found this recipe from another […]

Christmas Cashew Nut Roast with Cranberries, Red Chilli and Rosemary – vegan

  I know there are a lot of Marmite-style love / hate feelings about nut roast in the vegetarian community. But so far as I’m concerned classic dishes never go out of fashion, and good nut roast is as classic as they come. For me a good nut roast has to be both firm┬ábut moist, […]

Eliza Acton’s Vegetable Mulligatawny, or “What can I do with that marrow?”

This spicy autumnal soup is a great way to rid yourself of the huge marrow that your dear neighbour has kindly bequeathed you! The one I’ve just disposed of was an absolute monster which had been left out on a grass verge by an anonymous gardener ‘free to any taker’, so we did! I originally […]