Plant based diets – be they vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, or indeed pescatarian or flexitarian– are rapidly increasing in popularity. More people are becoming aware of the ethical and environmental issues implied by many modern farming practices, as well as learning about the health benefits that a ‘plant-strong’ diet which eschews or minimises animal products, can provide.


The typical modern western diet (often referred to as the SAD diet by those from the US) as well as being animal product heavy, tends also to rely heavily on highly refined and processed food products which bear little resemblance to foods in their natural state. These food products, while often being calorie dense due to added fat and sugar, are also usually nutritionally very poor substitutes for ‘real’ food, by which I mean foods that come in their natural state, or close to it. I use a lot of wholefoods in my cooking, they can often be bought in bulk to be stored for months at time, and not only are they healthier than processed food products, they usually work out cheaper too.

On a Budget:

Everyone knows there’s a recession and that lots of people are rather broke these days. This means we’re all being compelled to cut back on treats and those minor luxuries we used to take for granted. Gladly it’s still entirely possible to eat pretty well on not very much, and through careful shopping and cooking from scratch, that’s what I try to achieve each month. With a little planning, cooking with plant-based wholefoods can actually be quite simple, inexpensive and not as time consuming as one might initially imagine.




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  1. Love your blog! I am obsessed with all things London and most things British 🙂 I am from Texas, but my heart is in the UK! Glad to have found this blog. I just started my own food blog project, and it has been fun to connect with others all over the globe!


    • Thank you for your kind comment! You’d find it pretty wet and chilly here in the UK right now and the skies are all grey, which isn’t the best look for England. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for us I think. I hope it’s a little less drab in Texas for you. Still there’s always good seasonal foods to explore, even in darkest winter. Best R 🙂

  2. How nice to discover your blog. I see you have just started blogging as well. I find the biggest hassle is getting decent photos in natural light, how do you manage to get such great photos in the depths of the English winter?

    • Cheers, you’re dead right about the light thing, a much bigger hassle than expected (as well as the endless faffing needed to get a ‘simple’ image) – my North East facing kitchen is horribly dark so I’ve had to tweak a couple of the photos using basic iPhoto software which I dislike doing as the effect is always somewhat unnatural and plasticky. The rice pudding was done on a bright sunny day, so I hoiked everything through onto a makeshift desk in my South facing front room and the light was a million times better there. I keep wanting to get something more permanent set up in the back bedroom, which gets flooded with light most of the day (if the sun shows itself anyway) but it’s quite a job to declutter it.. I can’t seem to follow any link to your blog btw.

  3. Here, here! We of the BHK whole heartedly endorse your frugality. Occasionally we have splashed out on shiitake’s, but we are with you in the bargain basements and budget queues. Great blog, looking forward to more. Happy days, lee and janex

  4. This is a really good blog! And it’s nice to come into contact with another UK blogger 🙂 Think I’m going to try the split-pea soup soon.

  5. I’ve been vegan for a year, and I’ve spent a lot more money on groceries this past year. My grocery bills have recently gone down since I’ve learned more about vegan cooking but I still wouldn’t say (nor would my hubby) that I’m being thrifty. I’m intrigued by your blog. Maybe you can teach me something about being a penniless vegan (I know you’re vegetarian, but still). Celeste:)

    • There’s some fabulous vegan food on the blogosphere and elsewhere, but you’re right it can sometimes get a bit pricey! As I’m looking for ways to reduce my dairy and egg consumption I’m definitely going to be exploring more lower-cost vegan options, so hopefully there might be some things to interest you 🙂

      • I look forward to any cost-cutting ideas! I did finally start buying dried beans instead of beans in a can. This is helping a little. Of course, the main reason being vegan is expensive for me is that I shop at Whole Foods Market. I’ve tried shopping at other grocery stores, but they just don’t have the selection of organic produce and healthy products. Oh well. Thanks so much for following – I appreciate it! Celeste:)

    • I don’t usually get involved in awards stuff (too lazy!), but many thanks for the kind thought!

  6. Great looking blog! Thanks for visiting– happy to test out any vegan bread recipes you’d recommend

    • I don’t bake bread as often as I should, must do it more often; your blog looks really tempting! Thanks for commenting and subbing, have also followed you 🙂

    • I’m afraid I’m a bit of a bore when it comes to awards as I don’t tend to participate.
      Though I do really appreciate the kind thoughts 🙂

  7. Hey,

    I stumbled upon your blog, and love the round ups of recipes and attempts at frugality. I’m currently on my own journey over at Soul Cake, towards transitioning my diet towards a vegetarian/vegan, so your site is very helpful! And, it is nice to see a fellow UK blogger 🙂 xxx

    • Hi there! Yes, always nice to encounter fellow UK bloggers, have followed you and I’ll add you to my slowly growing UK Veggie Blogs page. Best wishes with the transition and the blogging; I’m only an occasional blogger myself, but it’s still a fun hobby 🙂

    • Yes, I’m not a big participant in blogging community thingies. But thanks anyway 😀

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