Four Vegan Favourites from Other People’s Blogs

Vegan Banana Smoothie by Living Kindly

Since starting this blog, I’ve really enjoyed discovering other people’s blogs and especially their lovely vegan recipes. As a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I do of course include  eggs and dairy in my diet, however I’ve become increasingly interested in phasing out – or at least strictly minimising – these ingredients in my diet. This post is simply a short list of some vegan recipes that I’ve made and enjoyed from other people’s blogs in the past couple of months, they’re ‘keepers’ and as such I think worth sharing. Thanks all!

First up, breakfast! On this sweet little vegan blog called Living Kindly, I found a recipe for a super simple banana smoothie which reminds me of my first days exploring healthy vegetarian cooking. Back then I knew my banana, milk, honey and egg breakfast concoction as a ‘fresh banana milkshake’, this vegan version swaps soy milk for cow milk and ground flax seeds for egg and is much better for you! A great way to start the day, in fact since getting my ground flax seed, I’ve made this for the past two days on the trot. I reduce the amount of honey or maple syrup to one teaspoon as opposed to one tablespoon and I also include a teaspoon of toasted wheatgerm for historic reasons! Yesterday I also added a couple of teaspoons of carob flour.. A really versatile recipe that you could add all sorts of goodies to, if you fancied. While there are lots of smoothie blends out there, sometimes simple is good, especially if you’re on a limited budget and buying lots of different exotic or unseasonal fresh produce would be prohibitively expensive. Bananas of course are not expensive, even the fair-trade and organic ones only cost about 20p each. Nor are soya milk or ground flax seed expensive ingredients, it’s possible to get supermarket ‘basics’ UHT soya milk for under 60p a litre and ground flax seeds actually work out (because I worked it out) no more expensive than the very cheapest of free-range eggs!

Nut Roast by The Vegan Green

Next up, dinner. This nut loaf from The Vegan Green was a real surprise. While I enjoy a good meat-free roast dinner as much as the next veggie, I’ve never really been happy with the nut roasts that I’ve made in the past; they’ve either been too dry and crumbly or too squidgy and mushy in texture for my liking. This one however passed my ‘slicing’ test without being too dry or mushy! Firm but moist, holds together lovely and of course tastes great too. I’ve made it twice so far, the second time I packed it full of garlic, lemon zest and thyme and it filled the kitchen with an incredible aroma while cooking. Oh, and in keeping with the Penniless philosophy, I also used supermarket ‘basics’ salted cashews which had been rinsed and dried on kitchen roll:

Butternut Squash and Apricot Tagine by A Bit of The Good Stuff

Next up is two recipes – both again vegan – from A Bit of the Good Stuff, which a gorgeous wee veggie blog. First a yummy tagine recipe featuring golden apricots and butternut squash with chickpeas and a delightful combination of aromatic spices in the sauce. I’ve only made this recipe once so far, but we’re having it again this weekend!

Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cake by A Bit of the Good Stuff

And lastly, again from Sharon @ A Bit of the Good Stuff, is a vegan lemon drizzle cake recipe. This was my second attempt at a vegan eggless sponge cake; my first go was a bit of a disaster for reasons I’ll go into in another post, but thankfully this one cured me of my vegan baking diaster anxiety! Mr. Penniless adored this cake, and he can be a real fuss pot, particularly with dry sponges! This one however is zingy, moist and very moreish and the perfect thing for a spring tea time treat. I made mine with wholemeal flour, and it didn’t suffer for it in the slighest:

PLEASE NOTE: I know I cheekily haven’t asked permission to pinch these piccies – If you mind lemme know and I’ll take them down!


10 thoughts on “Four Vegan Favourites from Other People’s Blogs

  1. These look great, definitely ones to add to my “to make” list. I started off trying vegan food by trying to minimise dairy products etc. I found it quite addictive and I think having all these nice recipes really helps.

    • There are some awesome vegan subs for dairy that people are making now, especially in homemades which is what interests me mainly rather than bought products. I’ve got to try homemade sunmilk and vegan feta for starters!

  2. I’m so delighted that you enjoyed the recipes. Honestly, you’ve put a big smile on my face 😀
    The other recipes you’ve mentioned sound really delicious. I’m looking forward to checking them out!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the sunshine xx

    • I think I’ll do a regular round-up of goodies I’ve cooked from other people’s blogs, it’s a nice way to acknowledge other people’s efforts and recommend recipes that you’ve actually tried and enjoyed. Nice to see you back from your hols, I’ve missed your posts!

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