Date, Walnut and Orange Rock Cakes (Vegan)

I’m sure all of us have made rock cakes at some time – well, those of us from the UK anyway – especially during childhood. But despite fond memories I haven’t actually baked any of these old fashioned tea time treats for absolutely ages. Having recently decided to explore the world of vegan baking – […]

Yellow Split Pea and Paprika Soup (Vegan)

Despite it being Easter this coming weekend, with the snow still thick upon the ground up and down the UK, I don’t feel too bad about posting another frugal warming soup from the Penniless kitchen. Now there’s frugal and then there’sĀ frugal and split peas definitely belong in the latter category. They are ridiculously cheap and […]

Shepherdess Pie with Champ and a Cornmeal Crust (Vegan)

I’ve no idea how some bloggers make their food look so good, especially if said food involves squidgy layers of brown lentils and mushed vegetables like this Shepherdess PIe does. Not that I’m making any sort of case against squidgy brown food, squidgy brown food is often the best kind (after all isn’t gravy brown […]

Sunny Honey Flapjacks

Bears love honey and I’m a Pooh bear Yum Yum Yum Yum *slurp slurp slurp slurp* Yum Yum Yum Yum Time for something sweet It’s grey and cloudy outside today, again. Despite a couple of days of Spring last week, it’s back to the constant drizzle of rain and sulky skies for us. I think […]