Little Leek, Butter Bean and Mushroom Pies

Little Leek, Butterbean and Mushroom Pies

Having recently received a whole bunch of individual pie and tartlet tins from Lakeland, I’ve been on a baking inspired mission to find or create recipes where I can use them. This one I concocted myself, it’s an attempt to mimic a classic chicken and vegetable pie in a creamy sauce. Both mushrooms and leeks are often found in a chicken pie, so I decided that I’d include both in my chicken-less ones. The butter beans, with their firm but creamy texture, work surprisingly well as a substitute for chicken (or Quorn) chunks. The only thing I’d encourage someone to do when making these, is to season the sauce well. My partner (a fan of ‘meaty’ flavours and textures) said they were great which was good enough for me, as he can be quite picky! We served ours with a light vegetable gravy, new potatoes and green beans, but I also think they’d be good ‘chip shop’ style with mushy peas and chips.

Little Leek, Butter Bean and Mushroom Pies

For these I finely sliced two medium leeks and sauteed them in a tablespoon of margarine and a tablespoon of olive oil.
When softened, I added around half a pound / 500g of mushrooms cut into chunks, and continued to cook for another five to ten minutes.
Once softened I added two tins of butterbeans (drained) and put the pan to one side.

In a non stick milk pan I melted 1oz / 25g of margarine, took it off the heat and then mixed in 1oz / 25g of plain flour to form a roux. Then I slowly mixed in a pint of milk (use non-dairy to make vegan). When blended, I brought the milk to the boil (while stirring) to thicken. Once thickened I seasoned with a teaspoon of dried thyme, a good dash of salt, and shallow teaspoon of white pepper for flavour. The sauce was then added to the butter bean and vegetable mixture and stirred through well.

The little pie tins I used are those cute old fashioned looking enamel ones: Four 20cm x 15cm, greased and floured (ETA: as I discovered when it came to eat one of the pies, these tins, aren’t actually all that small. Next time I will use half a dozen slightly smaller tins!)

I bought the puff pastry, 500g. Divided it by four, and then divided each quarter again into a 2/3rd and a 1/3rd segment. The larger pieces were rolled into oblongs to fit the base of each tin. The smaller pieces were rolled out to form lids. A quarter of the filling was spooned into each pastry lined tin and tops placed over, sealing with a little brush of milk and forking round the edge.

The pies were pricked and baked at 180C for 30 minutes.






8 thoughts on “Little Leek, Butter Bean and Mushroom Pies

    • Super, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Many thanks for taking the time to comment and give feedback 🙂

    • I know, frozen puff pastry makes everything good. And unless it boasts of butter, it’s usually secretly vegan too which is great for the vegans!

  1. the greatest inspiration for cooking is finding yourself with ingredients that need to be linked somehow and create a recipe. excellent recipe we can easily make vegan, and we will very soon!

    • Many thanks, I love these little pies and often keep some in the freezer. Easy to veganise too – just use dairy-free milk. In the main photo I mistakenly included a lump of cheese, but I never actually put cheese in the sauce. Doh is me.

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