French Cabbage Soup ‘Potage au Chou’ – vegan

This rustic soup sounds a little fancier in French than in English but thankfully it tastes just as good in either. An exceedingly simple affair of finely sliced pale winter vegetables in a light vegetable broth, flavoured with herbs and garlic. A great way to use up white cabbage, which I think can often be […]

Weekend Breakfast Drop Scones

I’ve been making these for years. The original recipe comes from an old cookbook my mother gave me called Wholefood Baking and it’s now so tatty that the spine has fallen apart! These drop scones are actually little fruited pancakes and they’re incredibly moreish as well as being a good way to feed a house […]

Little Leek, Butter Bean and Mushroom Pies

Having recently received a whole bunch of individual pie and tartlet tins from Lakeland, I’ve been on a baking inspired mission to find or create recipes where I can use them. This one I concocted myself, it’s an attempt to mimic a classic chicken and vegetable pie in a creamy sauce. Both mushrooms and leeks […]